Treatment Options

Can low testosterone be treated?

Low testosterone can be easily treated and there are many effective and convenient treatment options.

What are the benefits of treating TDS?

Treatment can help restore your vitality and passion for life through:

Improved sexual function

Increased sexual desire and performance

Feeling stronger and gaining muscle mass

Increased bone strength

Improved sense of wellbeing and mood

What are the treatment options?

The most common treatment for TDS is Testosterone Replacement Therapy. The aim of this therapy is to increase the level of testosterone in the blood. There are different methods of application available for you to consider depending on factors such as convenience and possible side-effects. If you require treatment, your doctor will discuss the best option with you.

The most commonly used types of Testosterone Replacement Therapy are gel, patches and injections.

Improving your overall health could also help to boost testosterone levels naturally.

Improving your diet

Losing weight

Reducing stress

Staying active

Getting plenty of rest

Moderating alcohol consumption

These changes may reduce the risk of TDS

Once you start treatment it is important that you attend follow up appointments with your doctor so that they can check that your treatment is working for you. If you feel that your treatment isn’t working, or you experience any unwanted side-effects, you should go back to your doctor.