Do I have Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome?

What are the signs and symptoms of TDS?

There are a variety of different symptoms associated with low testosterone, but not everyone affected will have them all. Some may only experience one or two. These symptoms can affect your quality of life because of the impact they have on your sex life, work life, how you feel and on how you look.

Signs and symptoms of TDS

A decrease in sexual desire (libido)

Fewer spontaneous erections

Finding that you need to shave less, or a loss of body hair (underarm and pubic hair)

Unexplained bone fractures

Hot flushes or sweats

Feeling tired or having less energy

Low mood, gaining less satisfaction from life

Weak muscles or less muscle mass

An increase in body fat

These symptoms are not specific to TDS and so they are often overlooked as a inevitable outcome of aging, or even confused with other medical conditions such as erectile dysfunction.

What next?

If you think you may be suffering from TDS, it is important that you talk to your doctor.

He/she will ask you about your symptoms and assess your health. If they think you have low testosterone they will carry out a simple blood test to measure the testosterone levels in your body. If the results show that you do have low testosterone, your doctor will discuss the different treatment options available to you, or refer you to a specialist.